Louis Vogue presents Call For Cuts

Hantrax - Walking with raven Jason Kolar - Holding no hands Bjorn J son Lindh - Transea Pink Floyd - Obscured by clouds Unovidual - Please leave me here alone modern witch - black curtains Vox Populi - Trois goutes de sang Marie Davidson- l unique Lawrence Le Doux - Alien 700 Bliss - Cosmic slop Shriek Back - The big hush Cremation lily - Lovers against the rocks Ebi - Chuu 2000 Elephantine - Die wilde jagd Scorn - Dreamscape Stratowerx - Zero hour dispatch Hiroshi Yoshimura - Clouds Serge Bulot - Les legendes de broceliande Fantastic Twins - Preambule Mittland Och Leo - Domino Gina X Performance - Kaddish Penelope’s Fiance - Self exaltation Cluster - Helle melange Dick Maas - The search Benedikt Frey - Running away Forever Grey - Cathedral of hailstone