Meakusma with La Scie Dorée

The first hour of this weeks Meakusma show consists of music selected by Meakusma, while the second hour presents excerpts of all three concerts from the La Scie Dorée Showcase at Meakusma Festival 2018. You can listen to selected parts of concerts by Steven Stapleton & Christoph Heeman, Timo Van Luijk & Daniel Denis and Baert De Paepe & Kris Vanderstraeten & daniel duchamP. The stage was organized in collaboration with (h)ear from Heerlen. The Showcase allowed a series of special collaborations to be realised, resulting in mind-bending concerts merging acoustic and electronic soundsources. The project was realised with support from Interreg Euregio Maas-Rhein. Special thanks to Timo Van Luijk from La Scie Dorée and Mike Kramer from (h)ear, who recorded, edited and mastered the concerts.

First hour : meakusma

  • Yas-Kaz - Psychopomp - Shaman Met The Woman At The Well
  • Lamusa - Mise En Abyme
  • Saboten - 馬 Uma (Horses)
  • Paul Arambula - Boom Bound Paralysis
  • Voixsahaj - Medidation dance
  • Richard Young - Never Stop
  • Lay Llamas - African Spacecraft (2092: Lift-off, Journey And Landing)
  • Riccardo Chiro
  • Galaxy Express - Earth Piano
  • Ena - Bridge / Kakyou
  • Kōhei Amada - 新春譜 Shinshunfu (Sugai Ken Rework)
  • Patiloma

Second hour : Live recordings from La Scie Dorée showcase @ Meakusma Festival 2018

1° Bart de Paepe & Kris Vanderstraeten & daniel duchamP 2° Timo van Luijk & Daniel Denis 3° Steven Stapleton & Christoph Heeman

Picture : Abstract by Timo Van Luijk