Mixtape by Capelo to listen at home in times of corona - DIAH


Where/When to listen

it's a mixtape to listen to in the living room chillin.


Brussels based duo formed by Eve Decampo and Michel Nyarwaya, Capelo offers electronic music with pop and low-fi accents, often described as light and playful, but also fragile, emotional and nostalgic. Emotions are often high. Capelo’s narrative dimension allows listeners to use their imagination and wander. Between 2016 and 2018, they released several opus on different labels such as Lexi Disques, Unknow References & Le Pacifique Records and Le Syndicat des Scorpions.

Extra note

Hi Laurens,

I hope you are well.

With Capelo we are really sorry we can't deliver our mixtape to you. We couldn't finish our work because we were interrupted during our recording session. It's really crazy what happened, we hesitated a lot to write you with honesty this email but we owe you some explanations as we were unable to honour our commitment. You are for the moment the only person to whom we told everything that will follow.

Actually, we intended to make our mix for a chill moment in the living room by the fire. So we settled in the living room with a small ZOOM recorder to capture a tune in the guitar. Everything was quiet and the conditions were perfect. I was improvising some beautiful notes. Michel and I were almost in a meditative state. But progressively I was disturbed by a strange moan. We looked at each other in astounded. Had we heard the same thing? Like a voice, but inhuman, calling us very faintly. I stopped playing so that we could listen more carefully. The voice intensified and was then followed by mechanical sounds and wind-blows. Impossible to identify what it could be, we had never heard anything like it before. And then silence. We looked at ourselves shocked. For how long? I couldn't say.

Suddenly a very strong light flooded the living room. We saw nothing but thousands of dazzling reflections in the room. The lights faded and there, what our eyes allowed us to see froze our blood. A dozens pair of wide blacked light-reflecting pair of eyes. We were no longer alone. Under the effect of the astonishment, time expanded. I felt a tingle inside me from head to toe. Looking at Michel, I realized that an unknown technology had made our bodies gaseous. We then crossed the walls of the house seamlessly. Our new companions guided us upwards through the ether. We were bathed in magnificent colours, we were new colours ourselves, we blended in with everything around us while keeping an indeterminate trajectory.

After a while we returned to our solid form in an unknown dimension. We found ourselves in a large space where a great number of creatures were dancing close to each other. All of them had great freedom of movement accompanied by an irresistible music. At that moment we understood their rhythm and melody, so we joined in their strange party. But gradually, our senses no longer allowed us to interpret their music. And finally the sounds became cryptic but a nice « noise » music anyway.

After a relatively long absence of landmarks, I saw as I looked at Michel that our bodies changed state again. We were like two flubbers ( you know? the creature form the Disney movie, with Robin Williams) which was quite pleasant. Our guides took us to other places again. They abandoned us in a space that seemed infinite. In all directions, black as far as the eye could see. This dark vastness was spotted with whitish, bluish, pinkish, greenish, yellowish points of light. We realized that we had the ability to move at a prodigious speed and that we could move from one coloured point to another extremely quick. After racing together as fast as we could, we stayed afloat in this great emptiness. We turned around slowly and effortlessly. We were like starfishes floating in the sea. We were in a complete state of contemplation and absolute comfort. Perhaps we were going to stay there for eternity? the void emptied our mind. It didn't matter anymore.

Then in a fraction of a second we had the sensation that our bodies exploded into countless atoms to return to our original forms in the living room by the fire.

Strangely Michel and I felt very serene on our return, no feelings of fear or anxiety. But remain a question, was it real ? And the strangest thing was that Michel still had all the time the little ZOOM recorder ! In other words, everything was recorded !

As a proof of our good faith, we are sending you the complete audio file of what the ZOOM captured. You can of course also post this apology e-mail as an explanation to the listeners.

Again, we are so sorry for this inconvenience, but thank you for thinking of us for this project.

Eve and Michel for Capelo

  • Jean-Paul Bataille - Le Feu
  • Alabaster DePlume - Visit Croalia
  • Eve Decampo - Jeux de sons à l’aire de la patte d’oie
  • Plaid - Talk to us
  • Etnica - Z-plane sunrise
  • RAC - Choobes
  • µ-ZIQ - Within a sound
  • Anja Schneider - Cascabel
  • Emanon - Rythim is rythim
  • Reckonwrong - Luscious Lips
  • Lanark Artefax - Hyphen To Splice
  • Autechre - Piezo
  • Spencer Clark & Eva Van Deuren - Steel Magnolias
  • Asmus Tietchens - Hertzlicht
  • Elfo Van de Velde - Sauts Elfoïques
  • Brian Eno & Jon Hassell - Ba-Benzélé
  • Raime - Belly
  • Sugai Ken - Ganoubyoshi
  • Lorenzo Senni - xxx1
  • Marcus Schmickler - Risset Brain-Hammer
  • Daphne Oram - 2001 Effects Tape 1
  • Secret Colors - Zoning Out(Excerpt 1)
  • Ariel Kalma - Sunset Inside
  • Elektriktus - Third Wave
  • Drömloch - I/O
  • Seefeel - Signals
  • Lawrence - Sunrise
  • Chloé - Solarhys
  • Monos - moon environment
  • Razen - IV
  • György Ligeti - Etudes 6 for piano, Book 1. 5. Arc-en-ciel
  • Motorpsycho - Sleepwalking
  • Babylon Zoo - Spaceman
  • Janis Ian - Jenny (Iowa Sunrise)