Mixtape by Lara Chedraoui to listen at home in times of corona - DIAH

Where/When to listen

I made a set for runners; the good the bad and the (I speak for myself now :) weird runners.


Lara Chedraoui is the singer of the Belgian band Intergalactic Lovers. Her love and taste in music is as vast and diverse as this world is. Music is her mirror, her lover, her family, her best friend. 
For DIAH, she has made a set for runners; the good, the bad and the - speaking for herself - weird runners. She has never reached that runners high, but still runs like she’s about to drop dead any minute. But she tries, right?

Because: “Music to me is movement, in every definition of this word. I hope you enjoy these tunes while running; jogging, walking through your city, the woods, commuting to and from; going from easy to faster back to calm; so by the time we are done you can face everything; knowing that your head and heart are part of a movement; a collective of good crazy lovable idiots living, singing, playing, working one heartbeat at a time.”