No Suit Records present Scaarlet

For their fourth installment, Scaarlet is going back in time.

Last Month, Gigsta invited them to collaborate to a zine she has curated—called Murmurations.

« Its title was inspired by Otter Lieffe's trans-feminist sci-fi novel, "Margins and Murmurations." » Gigsta says. As she defines the zine that inspires this month Scaarlet radio show, « Murmurations may mean the act of murmuring. Murmurations may also refer to the act of birds that all fly and change direction together, as if dancing. ». Murmurations reflects « on music journalism, and more broadly, all things related to words and sounds, choices and voices, courage and solidarity. »

The numbered handmade zine, with contributions from Chal Ravens, Elissa Suckdog, Katia Mullova, Lisa Blanning, Marylou, Scaarlet, Nono, Steph Lee, Susanna Li & Ursula Xanadu, is available online for 7,50€, all proceed going to Aeaqua:

  • GoGo Penguin - Murmurations (Blue Note)
  • Scaarlet - Communication Failure (No Suit Records)
  • Larry Leaba - The Family Butter (Proibito)
  • Jazztronik - Samurai (Chez Music)
  • D.Strange - Iro (Vanity Press Records)
  • Volatil - Ancient Techniques (No Suit Records)
  • S. Ruston - Eternal Merciless Hum (Suspension)
  • Astrid Sonne - Real (Escho)
  • Hannah Silva - Cancero (Human Kind Records)
  • Jessica Kert - BVglitch (Detroit Undergound)
  • LOFT - It'samurkylife-gabrielunderthemanholecover (Self Released)
  • Denise Rabe - Another Day (Rabe)
  • Thatmanmonkz, Malik Ameer Crumpler, Leron Thomas - AmeriKKKan Poet (Swat)