No Suit Records presents Scaarlet

In this show, Scaarlet approaches a hot topic. Researches bring positive changes to our lives—what would be a world without medical treatments, Internet, and other technologies? Researches bring their lot of questions as well—who is in power? where are the benefits going? how is the ethic behind being defined? It is certain that no clear answer can be given, but it’s necessary to question ourselves. Once again, Scaarlet invite you to reflect, think, and find your own answer.


  • Carmen Villain - Observable Future (Smalltown Supersound)
  • Aymeric de Tapol - Future Flute (Vlek)
  • Galcid - Retro Grade (Detroit Underground)
  • Scaarlet - Reality Is Now (Unreleased)
  • Forest Drive West - Curved Path (R&S)
  • Scarlet - Consciousness VIP (Unreleased)
  • Acronym - The Final Decision (Field Records)
  • Klein - When Jesus Says Yes, Nobody Can Say No (Self Released)
  • Больница (Mains Courantes)
  • Дремота (Mains Courantes)
  • Zoë McPherson & Rupert Clervaux - Cercle Vertueux (BAKK)
  • Fahmi Mursyid - Satu / I (Self Released)