CRWSH presents a shareware arcadia

This time constructed around the theme of Parallax from Martin Galway, a chiptune track that is able to transcend the Commodore 64 limitations. The game from ‘86 introduces a new visual technique where background and foreground move in different speeds to create an illusion of depth. This graphic concept has been cleverly translated by Martin in the Parallax theme. The rest of the mix is just intro or outro and definitely no chiptune music.

  • Introduction - Mark Seibert (King's Quest VII)
  • Broken Belief - Toshifumi Hinata
  • Introduction & Opening Themes - Michael Z. Land (Day of The Tentacle)
  • In The Faderal - Mark Siebert, Jay Usher, Neal Grandstaff (King's Quest VII)
  • In Search For The Tribal Murals - HCKWSH
  • Eremocine - Ratkiller
  • Good Thing You Came Along - Tapes
  • Parallax - Martin Galway
  • Choice Agony - disrupt
  • Behind Malicia's Tower - Mark Seibert (King's Quest VII)
  • The Growing Domes - disrupt
  • Nastasya - Doon Kanda
  • Backtracking - disrupt
  • Soleymani Dub - Vox Populi!