As we forgot (cough) to send our lastest shows to the lovely people of The Word Radio, we are now on their red list (the one before the black one where we have our ass kicked out of the schedule) so we decided it was due time to roll up our sleeves and get back to business. Lucky you :)

From French gorgeous drony operation Accident du Travail to Cairo fantasised rave by Rozzma, from minimalistic synth job by Italian (and shape alumnus) Caterina Barbieri to Brussels based / London inspired Hypna, from airy piano work by Sarah Davachi to incredible digital black metal by City, there’s something for everyone in there. For good measure and as the sun’s finally found its way back to Belgium lately we’ve also slipped our soon-to-be summer anthem in there.

  • Zuli - X3
  • Accident du travail - Mariage
  • Petit Singe - 27.09.87 (Jesse Osborne Lanthier Alteration)
  • Sarah Davachi - Buhrstone
  • Caterina Barbieri - Virgo Rebellion
  • Carl Gari - Shipster feat. Abdullah Miniawy
  • Èlg - Panorama
  • Rozzma - Sheyaka
  • Jawside & Hypna - Waterspray
  • Jung An Tagen - 20:03 How is that possible
  • Sophie - Faceshopping
  • Oklou - Friendless
  • Ben Vince - What can I see (feat. Micachu)
  • City - Unsaid