Schiev presents a Simple Radio Show - Nyege Nyege Special - As Heard on the Nile -

Schiev recently visited Nyege Nyege festival (Uganda) and the least we can say is that it made a lasting impression. This radio show is something of a postcard of tunes heard at the festival (be it in live or DJ sets, known or discovered on the spot) and that still resonate today.

Massive shout out to: Derek, Arlen & Patience for handling this beast of a festival. All the artists discovered, met or heard during these 4 days. Europe Creative for supporting the project. The whole SHAPE team for being an inspiring and supportive bunch. Lucia for recording that incredible cicada (I’m bringing one back next time) Arnaud, Mika and my dear friend Jeanne Sophie.

No shout out: them fucking spiders.

  • Lucia - Maximum Cicada Yields Maximum Results
  • Sounds of Sisso - TMK
  • Fixate - Rickety Cricket (Original Mix)
  • Otim Alpha - Toni G
  • Errorsmith – Stiff Neck
  • Cut Killer - Assassin de la police
  • Jlin - The Abyss of Doubt
  • Nihiloxica - Choir Chops
  • Gan Gah - Violons
  • Etran de L'Aïr - Mon Amour
  • Errorsmith - Superlative Fatigue
  • RP Boo - Speakers R-4 (Sounds)
  • HHY & The Kampala Unit - 2 (unreleased)
  • Cheikha Remitti - C'est Fini, J'en Ai Marre
  • Autechre - Flutter