The Word Radio x Meakusma 2019 with Ghost Producer

Producer, composer, sound designer and multi instrumentalist Raz Mesinai has been at the forefront of the NYC underground music scene for 30 years and has produced hundreds of albums of various spectrums under dozens of monikors.

Starting in the late 80’s at the age of 15 Mesinai began producing cassettes of his original compositions under various pseudonyms (including Badawi, The Bedouin, Psy Co., LadyMan, Dj Tab and many others) of music ranging from instrumental b-boy breaks, hiphop, dub, dancehall, electro, techno, ambient, gabber, hardcore techno, Rai what later came to be known as “Illbient” with his ground breaking duo “SubDub”, with co-producer John Ward beginning in 1992.

Mesinai later came to be known as a composer, sound and score designer for film, with music featured in films by Ridley Scott, Darren Aronofsky, Yaron Zilberman, Jonathan Demme, Clive Barker, Jeff Stanzler and more.

In 2014 Mesinai founded the Underground Producers Alliance (UPA) an artist development agency formed along with legendary producers Scotty Hard, Prince Paul, HPrizm and Randall Dunn.

Tonight, Mesinai comes to deliver the newest sounds from NYC’s underground, Freakatone, a genre developed around the philosophy and teachings of the almighty Ghost Producer.

  • Grace Jones - “Slave to the Rhythm” (Acapella)
  • Raz Mesinai - “Seth Speaks For Two Voices” (feat. Jessika Kenny/Haleh Abghari)
  • Fingers Inc. - “My House” (Acapella)
  • Ghost Producer’s “Myth Of Nations” - “Inanna’s Descent” (feat. Seraphim & Black Cracker)
  • Ghost Producer - “Whine The Leaf” Instrumental
  • Ghost Producer’s Myth Of Nations - “The Gatekeeper” (feat. Seraphim & Black Cracker)
  • Badawi ft MC Sensational- “No Schnitzel”
  • Raz Mesinai - “My Blood”
  • Ghost Producer ft. Donormaal - “Nervous”
  • Ghost Producer - “Freakatone Zone”
  • Sweet Pussy Pauline - “Hateful Head Helen”
  • Raz Mesinai - “String Quartet for Four Turntables”
  • Badawi - “Unit of Resistance Vol. II” (Viberous Remix)
  • Badawi - “Unit of Resistance Vol. II” (Brian Close Remix)
  • Badawi - “Falling”
  • Zoë McPherson - “Sabotage Story” (Sukitoa o Namau Remix)
  • Tyree - “Acid Crash”
  • Steve Poindexter - “Computer Madness”
  • The Bedouin - “Organic Dub”
  • The 1865 - “Buckshot”
  • Badawi - “Confrontation II”
  • Badawi - “El Topo”
  • Badawi - “Untitled”
  • Badawi - “Unit of Resistance Vol. II” (A-0 Remix)
  • Raz Mesinai - “Demonic Uprise”
  • Badawi - “No Prisoners”
  • Ghost Producer - “I Like You”
  • Ghost Producer - “Push The Lamb Into The Lake”