Tommy Denys - In Prison

A 2 hour long set compiled with tracks recorded by inmates while being in jail. the recordings were made in various ways: over the phone, recorded by engineers, field recordings, live concerts, etc.. the amount of material that i found is large, so i had to make a selection. Some artists such as Bad Brains, Lifers Group and Freddy Fender are not in these playlists: the list of musicians and recordings made in jail is exhaustive and not complete by this 2 hour long set i made. Most of the music is American, which is pretty logical, as there’s a lot of archival done, this in combination with 25% of all the inmates in the world being in American cells. There’s some Australian music and also a great Russian inmate Oidupaa Vladimir Oiun, who’s record ‘Divine music from a jail” is highly recommended.

A late-night Sunday slot held by Les Ateliers Claus' artistic director Tommy De Nys.


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